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Well life has been pretty full on for me over the past few months hence the lack of posts! But I have managed to squeeze in a few walks recently, a few with friends and a family day trip up to Springbrook National Park a few weeks ago. I was in desperate need of a bushwalk and Harry wanted to go on a picnic so I decided to we should do the 4 kilometer Purlingbrook Falls loop track and then have some lunch at the picnic area where the walk begins.

Harry was full of energy and tried to race off ahead. I had to stop him and explain that there steep sections and cliff edges and that this time he was going to have to stay between us. This information wasn’t very well recieved as Harry wanted to be the leader, but after telling him both he and Daddy could be the leaders he was satisfied to walk beside Chris.

The walk is best done in a clockwise direction, meaning you need to turn left just after the track begins. The walk is well graded and begins by taking you through some beautiful open eucalypt forest along the cliff line for a bit before descending down to the bottom of the falls. There are a couple of lookouts along the track providing views over the mountains and valleys of Springbrook NP on a clear day.

view of purlingbrook falls
Lookout along Purlingbrook Falls track
Lookout along Purlingbrook Falls 3 track
Lookout along Purlingbrook Falls 4 track
view from Purlingbrook Falls track
It was pretty dry when we were there but if you can time it after some rain the falls do get a roar going. The track used to go behind the falls and I remember as a kid we would squeal with equal parts of horror and delight at copping a drenching from the falls. Us kids would also be in fits of laughter watching our parents and Aunties and Uncles get a soaking! These days it’s a much drier affair, as the track behind the falls has been replaced with a small suspension bridge crossing the creek below the falls.


Harry on the Purlingbrook Falls track 2
Harry on the Purlingbrook Falls track
Purlingbrook Falls 2
Purlingbrook Falls

Looking up to the cliffs from the base of Purlingbrook Falls
crossing the suspension bridge

We stopped and had a nice morning tea at the base of the falls before making our way back up the other side of the cliff. This is not a hard walk (Harry is only 4 1/2 and he managed just fine) but do expect a little bit of huff and puff to get you back up to the top of the falls. I have to apologise for the lack of the quality of the photos in this post – I didn’t bring my camera and all these photos were taken with my good old iPhone 4 camera (I know, I know. Shame on me!).

walking back up to the top of the falls
Harry on the Purlingbrook Falls track 3
For those of you who do visit the Gold Coast and want to head up to hinterland and stretch the legs, the Purlingbrook Falls circuit is just one of the many walks up at Springbrook National Park to explore. Jane over at Mildly extreme has tempted me to have a crack at the Warrie Circuit sometime over the summer, however at 17 kms I don’t think Harry will be accompanying me on that one!


At a Glance


mapPurlingbrook Falls loop walk – 4 km return (allow 2 hours) class 3 track




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4 Responses

  1. Dayna

    Hi Amanda,
    A walk is better than no walk, and Springbrook NP in the Gold Coast hinterlands is a beautiful area.
    Your photos are lovely, too – don’t feel shamed into getting a new phone; get one when you decide you want one.

    • Amanda

      Hi Dayna, Yes a walk is better than no walk! It was great to get back up to Springbrook again, such a lovely place and not too far from home. As for the Iphone, well due to a few expenses a new phone and new camera are going to have to wait until next year, but at least I will have time to research what I want! Thanks for reading and commenting Dayna 🙂

  2. Jane

    Hi Amanda,
    I’m so pleased to see a post from you again as I always looked forward to them. I assumed life has been extra busy for you. Purlingbrook is a lovely walk although as you say the falls look better after good rain. I’m glad Harry agreed to sharing the leader role with Chris. Those edges can be scary for parents of energetic young adventurers! I think you did a great job of taking shots with your phone, Amanda. They are better than many I took with my camera. I hope you get a chance to do the Warrie Circuit. There’s been plenty of rain about so it should look pretty good right now. Thanks for the kind mention of my blog. Best wishes. 🙂

    • Amanda

      Hi Jane, yes energetic 4 year olds can be a bit of a handful on walks like this, but he did really well and listened thank goodness. The photos came out better than I thought they would actually. I got up there and looked for my camera in the back seat and then realised I had left it on the kitchen table! Oh well, at least people get the general idea of what the place looks like 🙂 It was really good to sit down and write up a post after all this time, even if it was a brief one. I actually quite miss blogging so I am hoping to make it a bit more of a priority for me in future as I find it very relaxing. Thanks again for reading and commenting Jane.

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