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Do you love walking? Do you enjoy wine? You do? Great! Because I love walking and wine too. Why walk and wine? Walking is more than just a visual experience for me. It is a complete therapy, a combination of sensory pleasures. Dramatic landscapes, rugged peaks, trickling streams, the earthy and uplifting smells of eucalyptus, dirt and rock. The warm breeze on your skin or the cold sting of a biting wind on your cheek.  Seeing, smelling, feeling, being. It is like hitting re-set for my brain.

Where possible after walking I like to indulge in a final sensory experience: taste. And what better way to taste the landscape I’ve just enjoyed than through wine? The vines dig their roots down into the soil and rock drawing up the flavours below. The sun and rain add their part and then the winemakers infuse science and art to finish the job. A good wine will allow you to taste what you have seen, smelt and breathed on your walk. Walking and wine complement each other beautifully. It is truly a complete sensory experience.

Walk and WineOf course not all bushwalking destinations are in wine country, so in those instances I try to sample some local produce, maybe have a wine I already know is good, a cold beer or a good old cup of tea. However you choose to take your refreshments after a walk there is one thing I know for sure – it always tastes better when you’ve earned it!

I have always loved the great outdoors. I spent my childhood running around on acreage and not coming inside until dark. School holidays were spent camping and bushwalking around South East Qld and Northern New South Wales.

My love of wine took a bit longer to develop no thanks to the women in my family favouring tipples like Maglieri lambrusco, Mateuse rose and Black Tower Riesling. I have memories of pestering my mum and aunties for “just one sip!” and coughing and spluttering and thinking how on earth could anyone like wine? (Apologies to those of you who like and drink these wines, the beauty of wine being there are so many styles of wine everyone should be able to find something they love) Thank goodness a few family friends knew a thing or two about wine and at 20 years of age my love of wine began.

My passion for travel, bushwalking and wine have only increased over the years. When my husband and I had our son in 2011, people told us “This is the end of your bushwalking and winery adventures”. I told them it wouldn’t be and they would just nod and say “you’ll see”. And I thought to myself. No. You will see. You will see that I can still pursue the things I am passionate about even with a child.

Great Ocean Road
Walking along Wreck Beach at Moonlight Head, Victoria.

So yes we have a child now, and obviously things are very different to life before children. But I believe most parents still want to enjoy some of the things they did pre-kids.  Yes it requires more planning and a fair whack of compromise but that’s better than sitting at home and not trying. There is a different kind of enjoyment and reward that comes from travelling with a child. I get to see the world again through the innocence and wonder of a child. I get to teach my son new things and share wonderful experiences together. Of course sometimes it all goes pear shaped and I think what am I doing, but I am persistent (read stubborn) and I refuse to let the occasional bad experience get in the way of my passion.

Wine Barrels
Harry posing in front of wine barrels at Tyrells Winery.

Because I love walking, wine and travel I talk about it all the time. Through this blog I want to share my walking and wine stories and encourage and inspire people (including parents!) to explore Australia. I have a lot of information stored in my head so some of this blog will be a brain dump so to speak from previous trips I have done as well as writing about new adventures. I would also like it to be a community, a conversation between like-minded people who enjoy walking and wine, so please leave comments so that I don’t feel like I am talking to myself!

So what are you waiting for? Get inspired, jump in the car or book that plane ticket and visit some of the amazing places Australia has to offer. I might even see you there!



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16 Responses

    • Amanda

      Hey Amanda! Thanks for stopping by. I will do a post about the walks at Moonlight Head sometime soon, there are so many beautiful walks along the Great Ocean Road!

  1. Lija

    Looking forward to finding out more about your bushwalking and vineyard adventures 🙂

  2. Michael Noble

    Hi Amanda,
    Great idea. Looking forward to checking out your blog and contributing back! Must take you to Leven Canyon in summer some time. We overlook it at the farm.
    Mike x

    • Amanda

      Hey Mike,
      That sounds like an offer I cannot refuse. Maybe you could write a guest post about some Tassie walks? You have amazing photos and you are a great writer!

  3. Renee Shaw

    Amanda, as a novice writer myself (yet to publish my book but on my bucket list!!) I can definitely relate to you wanting to share your story through your life experience!

    Well done on your first blog – a truly inspirational read. You have certainly managed to clarify your love of walking & adventure through your creative side & I wish you well in this new venture of yours!!

    Awesome stuff & something Harry can aspire to.

    Love Renee & William (AKA Billy) xx

    • Amanda

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by Renee. Yes I felt like I needed a bit of an outlet and I thought this would be a good place to have a go. Looking forward to sharing my adventures with you.

  4. Anna K

    Hey Sis!

    The blog looks beautiful – well done on the design!

    I look forward to reading more about your adventures and I hope that writing on it is a really enjoyable outlet for you. You made a lot of good and interesting points in your post and I look forward to more!

    Here’s something for you to explore and blog about in future: a place called Depot Beach. We camped there the other week and are planning to make it a regular thing. It’s about 4 hours south of Sydney. “Colony” (not the right word!) of kangaroos living there, plus lots of birds. We were lolling about but there are lots of amazing walks in the area I am told. The actual beach looks quite tropical even though it was too chilly for a swim the other weekend (and I am a frog after all!). During the evening we heard a pair of Boobook owls calling to each other.

    We did stop at a winery on the way down, but weren’t so impressed with their wines except for a light italian-style white called Arneis.

    Have a great week and I look forward to your next post!

    Anna x

    • Amanda

      Hey Anna, Is that Depot beach in Murramurang National Park? If so that was one of the places I had planned on camping at when we were going to do our big trip (which I cancelled after our Christmas debacle!). There are supposed to be some very good walks in that National Park, its still on my list of places to get to. Glad to hear you had a nice time away, its so good to just take time out isn’t it? What was the winery you stopped at? I have only been to Coolangatta Estate and I think Roselea Estate?

      • Anna K

        Yay that’s the beach! And yes apparently great walks there. Family camping trip beckons…
        I just subscribed!
        Winery was Crooked River. Lovely ppl & great location but they have a flat pricing structure for their wines and a membership thing, which seemed odd to me… I’m finding that many wines these days are so strong in flavours that they taste like they have been altered with flavourings. Maybe my palate has changed as we have been drinking Italian wine and smaller local growers with more refined structures… Actually on the topic of additives to wine, there’s a fabulous woman out there writing on the topic of what is not declared in wine on the label and all the secret stuff beyond simply preservatives that is used…I’ll send you her link when I remember what it was!
        I also thought of u on the weekend as I bought a pot of Botani moisturiser which I haven’t used in years. Remember our obsession with that shop at Indro before organic ski care became more widely available? E bar!

        • Amanda

          Gosh Ebar! Memories back in the Indooroopilly days! I think we were her best customers 🙂 As for Depot Beach at Murramurrang, we should definately make it a family trip. Lets aim for next year some time. Please email me the link about wine additives. I find the smaller boutique wineries are best for minimal additives. The big mass produced stuff can be headache inducing. Glad you subscribed, I actually did subscribe link myself! And the RSS feed too! I am learning so much from this, its full on! Good for the old brain to learn some new skills and try and pick up some old ones too. I realised its been 18 years since I wrote a story that wasn’t a science paper! X

    • Amanda

      You couldn’t see it because I haven’t added it yet, I’ve asked Chris to add it for me so watch this space! Next blog should be up in a few days.

  5. Suzie

    Congratulation Amanda, what an amazing start to what I’m sure will be a long and prolific blog. I admire your determination. Many (read me) have faced that mountainous hurdle which family life poses to pursuing our hobbies, but you are getting on with it and adapting to the new circumstances. Visually stunning and evocative, can’t wait for the next instalment. Suz. xx

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