Marvelous Merimbula

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I am just going to come right out and say it – Merimbula is now my favourite family sea-side holiday town. Not too big, not too small but just right. Sublime beaches, coastal and lake walks and plenty of family activities means Merimbula has the whole family covered.

I am going to break away from my usual post format and just showcase some of the great things to see and do in Merimbula. We spent a magic 4 nights here and I feel this is where our holiday truly began to feel like a holiday. Some days we did a lot, others days not so much, which was just what we needed after being on the go for the first week of our trip.

The Wharf and Aquarium

The wharf at Merimbula
The wharf outside of the Aquarium provides gorgeous views of Merimbula

If you like fish (and even if you don’t I bet you will after a visit here) head to The Wharf Aquarium. We make sure we are there in time for the fish feeding and it is fantastic. The man conducting the feedings is obviously very passionate about his fishy friends and he is a fantastic presenter. We learn so much as we watch the feeding of the fish in the 70,000 litre Oceanarium and then the smaller tanks. I have am thrilled to watch an octopus open a jar to get his prawn out to eat and the amazing display of the cuttlefish is like nothing I have seen. I am really pleasantly surprised that we have been given a great glimpse into the lives of the creatures of the deep at an aquarium so far away from a major city.


Bar Beach and the Bar Beach Kiosk

It doesn’t get much more sublime than this. The clear blue waters of Bar Beach beckon even the most aquatic adverse human to at least dip their toes in the water. The Bar Beach Kiosk would have to have one of the most idyllic locations of any cafe I have been and the food and coffee is good too. Just remember to bring your cash as they don’t do eftpos here.

Bar Beach kiosk
Good food and a great location at the Bar Beach Kiosk

Bar Beach Kiosk

Bar Beach 2

Bar Beach 10

Bar Beach 5

Bar Beach 4

Bar Beach 7

Bar Beach 3

Mitchies Jetty and Main Beach

For a change of scenery Mitchies Jetty and Main beach can be found down the end of Fishpen Road. Like Bar Beach, the water here is clear and calm which is just perfect for kids and those adults who aren’t keen on taking on the waves.

Mitchies Jetty Merimbula
The bright colours of the jetty shed at Mitchies Jetty
Mitchies Jetty Merimbula
Harry is mesmerised by the water. He also wants to go for a ride in the dingy.
Mitchies Jetty
The clear blue water at Mitchies Jetty
Main Beach Merimbula
Enjoying the view at Main Beach


Merimbula Lake Boardwalk

The estuarine environment of Merimbula Lake can easily be explored by walking the scenic Merimbula Boardwalk. Each afternoon we walk this walk it is overcast but it doesn’t diminish the beauty of this place. Walking along the lake is peaceful and also educational. There are many interpretative signs along the way and we see crabs, swans and even a snake.

Merimbula Boardwalk
The easy 1.7 km Merimbula Boarwalk was a real hit with Harry

Merimbula Boardwalk 5

Merimbula Boardwalk panorama

Merimbula Boardwalk 2

Merimbula Boardwalk panorama 2

Merimbula Boardwalk 6

Merimbula Boardwalk 8

Merimbula Boardwalk 3

Merimbula Boardwalk

Merimbula Boardwalk 7

Merimbula Boardwalk 4

Spencer Park to Bar Beach Rotary Walk

We had a couple of visits to Spencer Park as it was only a 15 minute walk from our accommodation and had a kids playground for Harry to burn off some energy. It also has very pretty water views over the lake and is adjacent to Rotary Park where the Rotary walk begins and winds its way around the headland finishing up at Bar Beach.

Spencer Park Merimbula
A picturesque lakeside setting, Spencer Park Merimbula
Spencer Park Merimbula
Looking towards MItchies Jetty and Main Beach

Spencer Park Merimbula

Spencer Park Merimbula

Spencer Park Merimbula
A lovely time of day down at the jetty near Spencer Park

Spencer Park Merimbula

torm rolling in Merimbula
Watching a storm roll in from Rotary Park, Merimbula

Storm rolling in Merimbula 3

Storm rolling in Merimbula2

Other fun stuff…

Magic Mountain

If you have kids then the family fun park Magic Mountain is a must. I must say I found this place to be a step back in time to a simpler life. You will not find big scary roller coasters, terrifying towers of terror or rides that leave your insides back where the ride began like the three big theme parks near where I live. Instead there is a massive carpet slide (which Harry did about 40 times “This carpet slide is the best thing I have done in my life” he told us), giant jumping castle, water slides, grand prix cars, a small roller coaster, tree climb challenge and a toboggan. I was skeptical about coming here but we really all had a great time and would do it again.

Magic Mountain Merimbula
Harry ripping it up on the carpet slide at Magic Mountain
Magic Mountain Merimbula
Time for some fun on the toboggan

Oaklands at Pambula

Okay so this is not in Merimbula but it is only 5km away at the next little town, Pambula. There is a great cafe here and an animal farm. I don’t have any photos of this place despite us visiting 2 days in a row. I was too busy carrying around a purring little black and white kitten that decided to attach itself to me (no Harry, we are not taking the kitten home) and patting horses, sheep and goats. The variety of animals here was impressive and entry was just a gold coin donation to go into the barn and hang out with the animals. Harry had never seen a donkey before and when said donkey got its ‘eeeee-haaaaw’ cranking the look on his face was just priceless. He just stared at the donkey and then looked at us and said “Well, that was unexpected”.

The food at the cafe was fantastic too. I had the best scones ever and the salted caramel cheesecake was just sinful. Sigh.


Munn St Mews

Our home away from home while we were in Merimbula was the lovely Munn St Mews. This place was cosy, quiet and clean and backed onto a reserve. We spent many mornings, afternoons and evenings sitting out on the back deck watching and listening to the local wildlife. When we had to pack up to leave, Harry said “But I don’t want to go. I want to live here forever”. I actually had to agree with him, I could have stayed here longer too and next time we come back we will.

Munn St Mews
Its the little things that make Munn St Mews feel like a home away from home…
Munn St Mews
The nice comfy bed…
Munn St Mews
Many cups of tea and glasses of wine were enjoyed here
Munn St Mews
The resident lorikeets had lots of personality
Munn St Mews
Watching the local kangaroos in the early evening was lovely
Munn St Mews
Lots of delicious breakfasts and dinners were eaten out here on the deck

At a Glance


The Wharf and Aquarium
Lake Street Merimbula!aquarium/cxxj

mapBar Beach
Lake St Merimbula

mapBar Beach Kiosk
Lake St, Bar Beach Merimbula Check website for opening times

mapMitchies Jetty
Fishpen Road Merimbula

mapMerimbula Lake Boardwalk
two entrances- one is off Lakewood Drive from Merimbula Drive and the 2nd is on the north west side of the Market Street bridge crossing


Rotary Walk
begins at Rotary Park, Lake St.


Munn St Mews



Magic Mountain
Sapphire Coast Drive Merimbula, NSW Tip: Harry was 4 at the time and we got the unlimited pass for him for $32. Because all the rides (except the carpet ride) needed an adult to accompany him due to his age we didn’t have to pay for ourselves. You can also bring your own food in.


3546 Princes Highway Pambula NSW



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  1. Jane

    Hi Amanda,
    Looks like a perfect place to retire. I love the coast, but not the built up, highly populated areas so much. These small coastal towns look idyllic. The whole Sea Change kind of atmosphere. Jetties, small cafes, boardwalks, beautiful clear waters and quiet beaches. Perfect! Lovely pic of you and Harry! I would have found the Oceanarium fascinating, particularly the octopus opening the jar. I’ve read they are very intelligent creatures. Enticing pics as usual, Amanda. Your blog will be a great reference for when I escape south! Great advert for the lesser known Australian coastal areas. 🙂

    • Amanda

      Hi Jane, there were so many lovely coastal towns we visited on this trip but Merimbula really had it all. I could definately retire there! I am more than happy to be showing off some of Australia’s lesser known places, I like you, much prefer quite places over busy tourist crowds. Mind you I think most of the east coast become busy during school holidays which is why I prefer to travel outside peak times. Thanks for commenting Jane. I am looking forward to your next post on your blog, I never know what to expect which is fantastic!

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