Mount Oberon, Norman and Squeaky Beaches – Wilsons Promontory Victoria

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The weather is looking patchy as we drive through the entrance to Wilsons Promontory National Park. We are planning on walking to the top of Mount Oberon and knowing Victoria’s weather as I do, the weather can change rapidly so if I put the walk off until tomorrow the weather may be worse. We take the turn off to the Telegraph saddle car park but it is closed. It is a weekend and so we are going to have to take a shuttle bus from Tidal River up to the saddle where a number of walks in the southern section of the park begin.

We make the most of our time waiting for the shuttle by taking Harry into the information centre where he proceeds to tell us that he is going to need to buy a hat and a shirt here. We buy a Tidal River shirt and wombat Wilsons Prom hat which he promptly changes into. The shuttle arrives and we drive the windy road up to the Telegraph saddle car park.

Mount Oberon Summit Walk

Starting the mount oberon walk
Starting the Mount Oberon walk

Mount Oberon Walk 2
The track up Mount Oberon is actually a fire trail for most of it. So while the incline is steady the surface is nicely compacted with gravel.The 3.4 km walk to the summit is nice and shady beneath the tall trees. The weather is holding out for us so far with only the occasional cloud passing overhead. Harry is excited for the first part of the walk but by the time we are about 2kms in he is complaining. Using the usual bribes of sultanas and tiny teddies he is kept fueled up and continues on.

walking up Mount Oberon
We finally reach the business end of the walk and begin the climb up the stairs towards the summit.


Getting to the business end of the Mount Oberon Walk
Mount Oberon Walk 3
Mount Oberon Walk 4

Mount Oberon Walk
As we reach the summit we are rewarded with gorgeous views over the Tidal River section of the park. It is too much for me to capture with my camera but I give it a go none the less.


Views from the Summit of Mount Oberon
Looking down towards Normans Beach and Squeaky Beach and Pincic Bay in the distance
Time for some lunch
Good place to stop and eat some lunch

Views from the Summit of Mount Oberon 3
Views from the Summit of Mount Oberon
Views from the Summit of Mount Oberon 2
As we sit atop the mountain we see some dark clouds in the distance moving quickly towards us. A blast of cold icy wind lets us know that, yes that is definitely rain headed for us. We pack up our rubbish and get ready to begin our decent. I know that if we don’t get down the steep parts of the granite and stairs before the rain hits it will be a slippery and possibly dangerous walk down for Harry. We are almost at the bottom of the steep section as the rain hits. It is only light, and lasts about 15 minutes by which time we are back down on the easy gravel track and the canopy of the trees is catching most of the raindrops. I am glad that I packed rain coats and umbrellas though!

We reach the car park and have only just missed the shuttle bus by 2 minutes according to a group of scouts who have just walked back from an overnight trip out to Sealers Cove. I must admit I am filled with admiration and envy as I listen to them talk about their walk. What a great thing for young kids to do. Looking at some of these kids I think it wont be too long before Harry will be up for some bigger hikes like that too.

Normans Beach

We finally make it back to Tidal River and decide to head on down to Normans Beach to explore. The rain has passed over for now and it is a perfect time to wander about and soak up the beach.


Normans beach
Normans beach 3
Normans beach2

Looking up at Mount Oberon from Normans Beach
Looking up at Mount Oberon from Normans Beach

Squeaky Beach

Before we head back to our cottage for the night we stop in at the wonderful Squeaky Beach. This place is just magic with its lichen covered boulders, soft white sand and big blue sea. We spend an hour weaving our way in and out of the rocks and playing by the creek. It is only our first day in Wilsons Prom and I already smitten. I can’t wait to see more of it over the coming days.


Squeaky Beach 6
Squeaky Beach 5
Squeaky Beach 4
Squeaky Beach 3
Squeaky Beach 2
Squeaky Beach
Granite boulders covered in orange lichen at Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach 7
squeaky beach with Mount Bishop in the background


At a Glance

mapWilsons Promontory National Park
2 1/2 hours (200km) south-west of Melbourne to park entrance. Allow another 30 minutes to drive down to Tidal River.


mapMount Oberon Summit Walk
6.8 kms return walk from Telegraph Saddle car park

mapNorman Beach
various access point, distances and times from Tidal River camping area


mapSqueaky Beach
300m from Squeaky beach car park






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8 Responses

  1. Jane

    Beautiful pics again, Amanda. I especially like the rock formations on the beach. I agree – Squeaky Beach looks like a magical spot to visit. I think you’ve been very successful at capturing its beauty. 🙂

    • Amanda

      Thanks Jane 🙂 Wilsons Prom is such a wonderful place. It was very hard for a non-professional photographer like me to capture its beauty on camera. I can’t wait to get back down there and do more walks.

  2. Dayna

    Hi Amanda!
    I’m glad Harry made it to the top. He’s looking bigger in these photos (maybe it’s just me?!). What a view hey? Up there it’s easy to appreciate why The Prom is the windiest place in the state.
    Are you staying at Tidal River then? Saves a daily half hour drive in and out of the park (at a minimum). I’ll be interested to know what you think of the facilities.

    • Amanda

      Hi Dayna, we actually went to the Prom back in March, I just like to write my posts in present tense as it makes me feel like I am reliving it 🙂 We stayed in a cottage at Fish Creek as all the cabins at Tidal a River were booked out for the time we down there. I can see how the Prom could be the windiest place in Victoria. I also think it’s one of the most beautiful 🙂

  3. Jennifer

    It is so rewarding when the kids get bigger and can do longer hikes. My kids are now 15 & 11 and we were able to do a 6+ mile hike with big elevation over spring break. You’ll get there and all the time he has spent hiking with you will pay off!

    • Amanda

      Thanks Jennifer, that’s what I am hoping to achieve with Harry. Build him up to bigger hikes over time. He actually asked me the other day if we could go for a big walk again soon 🙂

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