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How to Get to the Faroe Islands

Whether you are a vacationer or business traveler, there are many ways to get to the Faroe Islands. You can fly, you can sail, or you can rent a private helicopter to explore the islands.

Travel by air or by sea from North America

If you want to travel by air or by sea from North America to the Faroe Islands, you have a number of options. In fact, there are three airlines that operate direct routes to the islands.

There are also three major airports in the region, all of which are within easy reach. These airports serve a multitude of destinations from around the world. The Faroe Islands have excellent air connections, and they are easily accessible from other European and Scandinavian countries.

While the Faroes are relatively small in size, they are full of incredible natural wonders. This archipelago is known for its wild landscapes and traditional coastal communities. It is also home to many rare and interesting animals.

One of the best ways to get to the Faroe Islands is to take the ferry from Iceland. Although this method is a bit slower, it is convenient, and it can be done for a fraction of the cost of traveling by plane.

Another option is to fly to the Faroes from Copenhagen, which is the closest airport. A number of international airlines offer flights to and from Copenhagen. Alternatively, you can take a helicopter, which is a popular way of getting around the islands.

Traveling by air to the Faroes can be done with Atlantic Airways. These airlines offer services from Europe to the Faroes and they are based in the UK and mainland Europe.

Other air carriers include Air Canada, Nordic Airline, and Scandinavian Airlines. Several of these carriers operate from United States gateways, and they may also be able to offer special deals.

Finally, if you are looking to go on a trip that is more than just a plane or boat ride, you can check out cruises. For example, the Smyril Line operates a vessel that travels from the Hirtshals in Denmark to the Seydisfjordur in Iceland. When you arrive in the Faroe Islands, you can choose to stay on one of the many islands or you can take a ferry back to your home country.

So whether you are planning to travel by air or by sea from North American to the Faroe Islands, you are sure to have a wonderful experience.

Flying to the Faroe Islands

Getting to the Faroe Islands by plane can be quite a challenge. The islands are located in the North Atlantic Ocean and are roughly 180 miles from the nearest populated land. As a result, most flights to the Faroes leave from Iceland.

Flying to the Faroes is an option that many travelers consider. There are several airlines that fly to the FAE airport.

Despite being small, the Faroe Islands offer a unique and fascinating experience. The islands offer lush green valleys and pristine landscapes, which will leave you feeling at one with nature.

Faroese culture is full of life and charm. Visitors can expect to find some of the best accommodations and affordable tours. However, you may want to plan ahead for weather conditions. While the island climate is generally mild, the islands have the potential to be cold during winter.

If you’re planning to travel by ferry, you’ll have to be prepared for the risk of seasickness. For this reason, it’s a good idea to stay in an accommodation that’s directly connected to the airport by road.

A good first stop in the Faroe Islands is Lake Sorvagsvatn. It’s known as the “Lake Above the Ocean,” and can be reached by hiking from Midvagur.

Travelers should also check the weather forecast before flying to the Faroe Islands. In summer, the islands have twice as many rainy days as sunny ones. Also, the islands are susceptible to storms and fog. To avoid these risks, make sure to wear waterproof boots and clothing.

Faroese transportation infrastructure has improved significantly. Depending on your preference, you can drive around the islands, take a ferry or a helicopter. Most of the hotels and accommodations provide free wi-fi.

If you’re looking to explore the islands by car, you’ll need to rent a car at a local rental agency. Some of the major cities in the Faroe Islands have restaurants that sell alcohol. At the airport, you can buy alcoholic beverages from the Duty Free shop.

During the summer months, the Faroe Islands are host to the Summer Festival. This event attracts many visitors to the islands.

Getting around the Faroe Islands by helicopter

If you’re looking for a way to get around the Faroe Islands, you can’t go wrong with a helicopter ride. This is a convenient and affordable way to explore the islands. The flights are subsidized by the government, so fares are cheap.

Although you can travel on a ferry, a helicopter is a better way to see the islands. Helicopters can land on remote islands, such as Suduroy, and allow you to explore its beautiful scenery.

To find the best time to visit the Faroes, you should consult a local weather forecast. You can’t go wrong with a trip in June, July or August. These are the months with the least amount of rain. However, the weather can change suddenly. And if you’re travelling during this season, you’ll want to pack rain gear.

If you’re planning to fly, you’ll want to book your seat at least two days in advance. It’s also a good idea to check the ferry’s weather before you leave. In addition to a spectacular landscape, a ferry trip offers a cafeteria serving Scandanavian specialties, a swimming pool, and hot tubs.

As for driving, most roads are well maintained and wide enough to accommodate two cars. However, sheep are the biggest danger. They may cross the road at unexpected times, so be careful. Also, be sure to pull up when you have a space to park.

The Faroes are a great destination for birdwatchers. You can see puffins and other wildlife on the islands. There are also many opportunities for hikes. Most of the Faroes are connected by tunnels, bridges, or ferries. But you’ll need to rent a car if you want to drive around the islands yourself.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to consider a multi-day package. Typically, you’ll stay in the same hotel each day, with pick-ups from a local guide. Those with limited experience will enjoy an organized day tour.

While the Faroes are a safe and inexpensive place to travel, the unpredictable weather can be a deterrent. Plan ahead, especially if you plan to visit during the shoulder seasons of September to October.

Accommodation in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands offer a variety of accommodation. They range from self catering lodges to hotels and guest houses. These islands offer the perfect holiday for anyone looking for an active outdoor adventure.

Self catering accommodation in the Faroe Islands ranges from modern properties to traditional homes. Prices range from PS58 per night. This is a good option for a budget holiday.

Alternatively, consider staying in an airbnb. Most of the accommodations in the Faroe Islands are located in the capital Torshavn. A well-designed airbnb is a great way to experience the country. It is brightly painted and has a small garden. If you’re travelling with a young family, an airbnb would be a better option.

There are also many hostels in the Faroe Islands. Guljanes Hostel, for instance, is located in the town of Sandavagur and offers rooms with renovated bus beds.

You can find cheap accommodations in the Faroe Islands, but it is important to book early. Many hotels are fully booked during high season.

Other accommodation options include apartments. Airbnb is a popular source of these accommodations, with a large number of apartment listings across the country.

Another option is to stay in a school home. Accommodation at the school houses is often furnished. Some of the homes have a shared kitchen.

For a real adventure, you can even rent an apartment in a remote location. On some islands, you can find bed and breakfasts. But if you are traveling to the Faroe Islands for an active holiday, camping is the best option.

One of the biggest hotels in the area is the Torshavn Hotel. It is located in the higher part of the city and offers beautiful views. All of the rooms have en suite bathrooms and flat screen cable TVs.

As well as being close to the airport, this hotel has a restaurant. Guests can also benefit from free private parking.

Although there aren’t many hotels on the Faroe Islands, you’ll find that there are a few hostels and B&Bs. Ideally, plan to spend at least 4 or 5 days in the country. This will give you enough time to explore the island and see its main highlights.

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